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when the ban stops me from going to ophelp to tell them I have been glined for being a drone/bot  .. lol as you see   i'm human.. i'm `Matt  aka `Stress I have been in the  40's room for  11 years... soo um.. how about one of you wonderful ircops take me off the  g line.. ty in advance..lol  libra  helpppp  meeee..lolcrying

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1. Leave a private msg for any ircop or all ircops with the real ip and when we are online we will remove  the gline.

2. mail ircops@chanops.org

3. speak to any op in the channels and ask them to pass the info to an ircop.

4. soon we will have public forums where you will be able to private msg an ircop with the ip if yur wrongly banned

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