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Please check chanops forums for applications http://chanops.org/community/
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go to www.chanops.org/helpdesk  this is our ticket system

from the drop down menu choose "chanops application"

There is a template to show you what info we need you to put  on the chanops application, follow this info, filling in all the details we have shown in the example.


send ticket.


you should get a reply back from an ircop when your application is received.
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If you are interested in becoming a ChanOp for the ircqnet-administered channels, you need to submit an application through the helpdesk at http://chanops.org/helpdesk

Read the "How to be a ChanOp" information (you may want to copy this to notepad or move it to another window), then click on Submit a Ticket.  When this window opens, fill in your information and then choose from the Category drop-down list either ChanOp Applications or OpHelper Applications, whichever applies.

Put in your subject and message (following the guidelines from the "How to be a ChanOp" information).  You don't need to attach anything if you're putting in an application, answer the "SPAM Prevention: Random Question:" and type in the numbers you see as indicated.

Check your information then click the "Submit Ticket" button.

Usually you will recieve an acknowledgement of your application within 12 hours.  We review the applications about every 4 months or so.  We can only accept a limited number of new ops at a time, so if you are not rejected nor accepted then your application remains available for review indefinitely until you are accepted or rejected.  There is no guarantee on how long before you might receive an acceptance.  IF your application is accepted, you will receive a response on your application ticket and a memo through the chat network, informing you of what steps you need to take next.


Good Luck.

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