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First all you need type, /cs set #channel founder newfoundernick

ie; /cs set #Friends founder Immortal

There will be another step before the founder changed

Some notices will appear at console/status

(17:19:59) ChanServ [services@icq.com]: Immortal can now take ownership of #Friends.
(17:19:59) ChanServ [services@icq.com]: In order to complete the transfer, Immortal must perform the following command:
(17:19:59) ChanServ [services@icq.com]:    /msg ChanServ SET #Friends FOUNDER Immortal
(17:19:59) ChanServ [services@icq.com]: After that command is issued, the channel will be transferred.
(17:19:59) ChanServ [services@icq.com]: To cancel the transfer, use /msg ChanServ SET #Friends FOUNDER libra

After you see these notices, the new founder need type:

/cs set #channel founder nickname

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