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Thanks bunches for your help!!!!!  <3
Jan 30, 2016 by LadyKenai
saam didnt ban you, you have posted something thats on the spamfilter. atm we are waiting to get ircop access  fixed so i cant remove it, it should expire  in 1-2 days on its own.
Apr 4, 2015 by libra
Hey Libra,
Sorry i dont know if its a right place to contact and paste this, but i have no other way or option ..
Some one glined me on icq for no reason .. pls try and contact me .. theres some guy named SAAM he even gave me threats that he will get me banned bt i was assured i wont b banned for no reason, as i havnt done anything to get banned for, pls look into the matter .. it can be due to personal grudge and politics .. else why wud immortal GLine me for no reason .. Please help me out mate
[01:31] * Connecting to irc.icq.com (6666)
[01:31] -irc-m01a.orange.icq.com- *** You're banned!
[01:31] ••• Error: Closing link: (unknown@ [G-Lined: No spamming/flooding 202 - Contact us http://chanops.org/helpdesk - filtered by immortal at 12/03/2015 ]
[01:31] * Disconnected
I even tried to contact on .. the abv given url but it seems down..
Thanks and regards
Apr 4, 2015 by Human
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