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Hello all - Kinnaird - 11-07-2018

Hey all. I registered about 9 months ago and have made a lot of chat friends and had a lot of fun along the way. That's what it's all about. Having fun. Thank you for being friendly toward me. There are a great deal of chatters whom I like and respect a lot and I nearly always manage to bring out the good side of troublesome users. Unfortunately it will always remain that I cannot do that if the chatters don't want to bring about their good side.
A while back I started seeing so much abuse of some chatters by others and I though nah. Enough. More than. Same for bigotry and racism, and floods. I personally do not like racism and seeing racist remarks. It is not tolerated here, anyway. But for fate, we could have found ourselves in a victimized minority or group, as no doubt some chatters are. It bears thinking about. As far as our preferences and understandings are concerned, we have all learned what we have learned and each knows differently. When the bigger picture is considered, there are very few absolute rights and absolute wrongs in life. We may think others are wrong and others may think the same of us. Again, we have learned what we have learned. Tolerance and empathy are but two keys to understanding and personal happiness.
Some sexual talk is acceptable but sexual harassment most definitely is not. Some swearing is tolerated but not to excess. Some sexual words just should not be used as far as I am concerned and definitely not at all to label others. Whether we realize or accept it or not, there ARE ladies and gentlemen who come to chat and the use of such profanities may cause them to never return. I am sure that most of us would welcome new chatters of good calibre. This is neither my playground nor yours. There are rules in place to try to keep the rooms a fun and friendly place, the rules being there to protect us from ourselves and others as they apply.
Applied to be an op and still training, quite a lot to learn yet, including some lesser-used modes. Please bear with me while I make so many boo-boos, such as setting +k in lounge because of a rogue alias in my script and not noticing, while I really attempted to kick out a wayward user. Everyone who remarked to me about it later saw the funny side of it, no negative feedback at all. Mind you it's not something I intend to do again.  Smile
I feel as though many users like me, some respect me, some may respect me grudgingly and some just flat out hate me. That is life, both behind the keyboard and away from it. I accept that and have no trouble accepting that.
I need to pay a lot more attention to what is going on in rooms now as my aim and duty is to make things a much better and friendlier place for all who come to chat and am confident that I already manage to do that to a degree. Alas I am unable to chat so much now because of the responsibility. Please understand that. Please also know that I have many windows open and am trying to keep them going on an even enough keel. Same goes for those of you who private me. Rooms come first. I chat in private in order of first contact. Please do not assume that I am not busy or not chatting privately to others. You know what they say about guys and multi-tasking. Boy has that hit home lately! Big Grin 
Some chatters have tried to influence me and have already learned and/or accepted that they can not and may not. A small number still try to do that but it will never avail so the sooner they take that on board that the better. Know that I do NOT warn, kick or ban users on say so of other users. As far as I currently understand it, and I believe it to be the officially correct procedure, I do not warn when not opped. I should only need to say that once at any instance. Putting the same things to me in a different way afterward does not change my position. For those of you who private or notice me of things said when I am not around to see them or not opped, there is no point to it, unless admins will tell me otherwise. Same goes for highlighting me when I am off duty. You are responsible for what YOU say and only what YOU say. I and other members of the moderation team take care of what others say as best we can. Of course, the rooms are not always opped so you have the free choice of ignoring or parting. You could even quit for a while then come back. In some way, telling me about what he said / she said is an attempt at victimizing he / she. Preferably you could enjoy yourself more if you didn't worry about what others may say that you don't like. Let us take care of it as best we can when on duty. None of us are angels. I acknowledge that I am most certainly not of the angelic category. Big Grin 
Telling users that they are ignored should be the end of it. Going on about it and badmouthing the ignored chatter line after line is a poor show.
Just be done with it and move on, please.
There are NO favourites and there's no difference whether that's liked or believed or otherwise. I am as fair and equitable as I yet know how to be. I do a good enough job of it and do not claim to be or want to be perfect. Know that. Perfection is neither possible nor desired as it leaves no room for improvement.
Have fun everybodeeeee! Smile

RE: Hello all - immortal - 15-07-2018

Welcomeeeeee enjoyeeeeee  Rolleyes Tongue