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mIRC (Version 7.35)
To the users who connect to LibraIRC through the mIRC client, please take a moment & update your client.

The newest & latest version of mIRC is now at version 7.35
This version is an update from version 7.34 & has a few adjustments/changes made. (See:'s website for list of complete changes).

Keep in mind, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc - please stop by #mIRC on LibraIRC. We're always available to take questions, have a conversation, etc. If you need urgent assistance with matters other then the mIRC client, please use the channel #Help.

As a beta-tester for the mIRC client, I usually get the next version before released to the public, therefore I come in contact with some interesting conversations dealing with the mIRC client. I've been on IRC since 1996, and registered my client in/around 1999. (So this would even effect me).

- I've heard & seen some things about the price of the mIRC client changing. Instead of a lifetime registration(s), for business(es), and other forms of companies/users, the registration will now only be valid for/around 10 (ten) years. (Still a great deal of time for $20.00)

- This isn't something that's set in stone (so-to-say), but I will continue to ask questions & get more information about this & pass it along to everyone! If you're curious about this; see's website by simply clicking HERE.

Thanks for continuing to support the LibraIRC network; and more importantly, thanks for being another faithful/loyal IRC'er!

- Keith -
typoe 7,45 you meant ? Tongue
thanks for updating Smile

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