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Number of nicks/rooms bots that are allowed on LibraIRC.Net
We have decided to change the limits on a few things on our NetWork, so please if you read this, pass it around so people who don't  visit the forums regularly are aware.

People can register 10 channels only, if we see anyone with more than 10 registered on other nicks to try and hide the fact they have lots of rooms registered we will drop them without warning.

Eggdrops are limited to 10 per channel, we don't see a need for more eggdrops than that, some people use them to make rooms look bigger ,it is  just stupid really because  people join and find a dead room and just leave anyway, so whats the point? So please anyone with hundreds of eggdrops please split them up into different channels. This also applys to BNC's or any other kind of "mute" bots Smile (not including floodbots)!!
We will give people the chance, and time to remove them but if they continue to sit with hundreds of eggdrops in channels we will remove them.

Nicks are the same at the  moment and thats 5 per account and only 3 accounts allowed. We think this is a fair number of nicks and gives everyone a chance to get a decent nick and is more than enough nicks for anyone to have.

Note: Remember, having 3 accounts for nicks does not mean you can have 10 channels on each nick its 10 channels over all of your nicks.
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