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comments on server
Many times I have heard some amazing comment from chatters about this server and how it is run.
Many times praise on how ops manage and interact, at times with Alzheimer many times I have forgotten to pass on these wonderful compliments.
so this page is for you,
compliments and suggestion
We cannot give our best as it is the chatters them selves that assist us to make the server better it is team work.
We of chanops wish to convey our thanks to all the wonderful people who have worked hard to make a happy place to chat. We will in all ways will attempt to help and make it better.
thank you
May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown
Thanks Wildcard,

Great to know we are making it a great place to chat. 
We stand as a team which is one on here and we do work hard to make it a wonderful place.

Good your memory kicked in and to relay this..

The Devil Whispers;
*You Can't Withstand the Storm*

The Warrior Replies;
*I am the Storm*


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