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folks I have chatted with  each
and thankful to all who have listened to me
you are all a great assets to this site
and are all  cool

in the last two weeks I am grateful  to all who have listen to me whine...

and I apologise to all  whose ears I have bent  

I am not as strong as I have been I have let my fear  with  my eyes demoralise me

and so  again I say ty  for listening to me

and apologise also 

I will attempt to be here as long as I can.
to support you  chatters and site

I will continue to guide you , which  you dont need as much 

I have your back  and my support  always 

going into the  new year you will also have it  and I am sure other irccops will also have your back

remember  if you have any concerns you can talk to any irrcop of your choice 

for advice and support
May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown

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