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How to update your graffic card AMD AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver
First you will need to go to the homepage


Then at the top you will see Support & Drivers.. click on it then click on Download Catalyst drivers

or for the easy way just go here.. thats a direct link Big Grin


You will get 5 steps so that they can know which type of your ati viga card is the right one

Step 1 You will have to select the graphic that you want to update .. normaly it is Desktop Graphics

Step 2 You will pick which graphic card you wanna update

Step 3 You will choose the version of the graphic card you choosed on Step 2

Step 4 You will choose which operator system from windows7/xp/linux from 64-32 bit

Step 5 Thats just for display the results from all the previous steps

Then you shall get download links for AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver

If you dont know your version of your ATI if you are using means Step 2 and Step 3 then:


Windows 7:

Go on Start Control Panel --- > Hardware and Sound then click on Device Manger on Devices and Printers then you should see it on Display adapters.
Right click on Computer click Properties on the left you will see Device Manger then as the first one you should see it on Display adapters.

Windows xp:

Right click on My Computer and then click on Hardware then on Device Manger you shall see the version there on Display adapters.


There are different types of Linux you should know yours first and know how to get the version and i think it is not that hard there.

Thats all  Smile
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This is really a good idea on how to update the graphic card of AMD. As we all know Graphic card of AMD is the best in the market right now. I must say if you are not updating your graphic card then there are many problems you may face regarding firmware. This is well-explained article.

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