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Getting Started with mIRC
  • Since i see many people just starting to use scripts and it would be abit hard for them so i made a guide for how u can connect to our server
    This guide will show you how to run mIRC or any script that passed on it like pnplus, bambino etc.
    • Before you can start using mIRC, you will need to download and install it to get one of the mIRC scripts check that link,315.0.html. If you have already done that, you can skip this step.

    • Run mIRC by double-clicking on the mIRC icon on your desktop or in your Windows Start menu. You should then see the Connect window below which you can use to connect to IRC.

    • Small box will come you will need to enter something for your Full Name and Email Address. These do not have to be your real full name and email address. Choose your Nickname and Alternative nickname. These are the names by which other people will know you on IRC.

    • Click Servers on the Connect mini list and choose the server you want. For running ICQ then you need to choose IrCQNet and then click Select then make sure the Server that chosen there is IrCQNet: Random server.

    • Click now Connect and then you shall be connected to our server.

    [Image: Untitled.png]

    [Image: Untitled.png]

    Now with all these steps i think all will be fine just if u want to check the channel list you need to type /list and double click on any room you want to go for it, If you already know the room name then use the command /join #channel replace only channel with the channel name and keep the #

    thanks for all hope it was explained in a good way Smile
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