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Before you compile Eggdrop version 1.6.21 , read this
Some time ago, I contacted Spike, who wrote the very popular BogusTrivia game script for Eggdrop.  Strange things were happening, after upgrading to Eggrop 1.6.21.  Others (thommey, nml_375, and more) from some #eggdrop channels, etc. became involved.

To make a looooong story short, they finally pinned it down, and provided a solution.
(As I understand it, there is no plan to release a 1.6.22, thus every time you compile 1.6.21, you should make this edit before compiling)

Many thanks to all that spent their time on it.    Smile

and read that thread.  It is beneficial.

Also see:
Quote:For Eggdrop 1.6.21

timerworkaround.patch.gz by thommey New 25/5/12
Resolves a bug in Eggdrop 1.6.21's utimers command which could cause Tcl scripts not to function correctly, as reported in this forum discussion.

Another link:

I hope this helps, and saves you some time and headaches.


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