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Translator any language for Mirc Script
After loading, just right click the channel window and select autotrans - autotrans setup.

[Image: 15672c6.jpg]

Echo will echo back to the channel the text originated.
.Msg will message the channel. (for bot use)
.Notice will notice the client the script is loaded to.

If you have any problems with missing characters in your translations, please review your utf8 settings before posting your problem.

Under mIRC Options - Irc - Messages. It should look like this.
[Image: 64dxew.jpg]

If you right click the channel on the treebar and click font, the utf8 should say display and encode. It is necessary to check this for each channel you are using the translator in.
[Image: 2n8a3ap.jpg]

  • Exclusions Manager & Exclusion System
  • A \\L2 Translation trigger for responding
  • A Right click Hotlink for responding using the reverse of [L1]-[L2]
The Exclusion Manager
[Image: vi2ngj.jpg]
It's a simple dialog so you can add WORDS(not phrases) to be somewhat excluded from translation.
The words are not excluded from translation, but they are excluded from the algorithm that is used to determine if a translation will be returned or not.
To add WORDS, right click the channel and select Exclusions Manager from the menu.
[Image: rh4i01.jpg]
I'll add a Trigger system to this later.

The \\L2 Trigger
This is very simple to use, just type \\L2 where L2 is the language code for the language you want your text translated into. Your text will be translated to the window you are typing into.
Example: \\fr some words to translate here.
**Note** This is not a bot trigger. This is a On input routine and must be typed from the
client with the script loaded.

The Hotlink
This works Right clicking on this part > [L1]-[L2] <<-- of a language translation.
You will be prompted to decide.
[Image: rlds8h.jpg]
And then prompted for some text.
[Image: ev0xt5.jpg]
**Note** Your text will be translated to the reverse of what you clicked.
clicking [de]-[en] , will translate your text from english to german.
**Also** This script must be loaded in the client that you are typing in for this to work.

Thank You
Amr Hassan

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Seems an updated version can be found at
i dont have that window mIRC options same maybe cuz im using another version ?
You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
Yes Mind, these options are different in different mIRC versions, so that's an old mIRC version options window.
guess it wont work on my new one then ty basha
You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

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