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Chatroom Funnies!
Hi all

When we were on ICQ we had a topic on the forums which was dedicated for "Chatroom funnies" which we often see in our chat rooms, this topic is so you can place any here you see.

Here is a great example below

(Ben174) : If they only realized 90% of the overtime they pay me is only cause i like staying here playing with Kazaa when the bandwidth picks up after hours.
(ChrisLMB) : If any of my employees did that they'd be fired instantly.

(Ben174) : Where u work?
(ChrisLMB) : I'm the CTO at
*** Ben174 ( Quit (Leaving)

[Image: 119ywc6.jpg]
LOL! This is an absolute classic.
| Sat-05-Dec|00:22:22| «MaTriX^AWAY» well..they say th t us rs who make lots of ty os are obvio sly cyber ng a lot???

And he still cant type properly Tongue tsk
[Image: 119ywc6.jpg]
[font=comic sans ms][size=14pt][align=center][b][color=orange] Ad Tempus concessa post Tempus censetur denegata.
"sly cyber" ? is that when your in the bathroom on your own with the notebook and the rest of the house think your using the shaving cream with a razor???
omg redi tmi, we didn't need to know what you've done in the past Oo P
(Raven) I tried setting my hotmail password to penis.
(Raven) It said my password wasn't long enough. Sad
(05:54:13am) <StokaNenormalna> Sw|tchB|ade , try not to get in Trouble
(05:54:14am) <StokaNenormalna> xD
(05:54:24am) <@Sw|tchB|ade> trouble tries to get in me
(05:54:27am) <@Sw|tchB|ade> wait
(05:54:29am) <@Sw|tchB|ade> uhm
(05:54:32am) <@Sw|tchB|ade> that sounded wrong
(05:54:33am) <%bitwise> ^.O
(05:54:34am) <@Sw|tchB|ade> lol
(05:54:50am) <StokaNenormalna> looool
(05:54:54am) <@Trouble> i do not
(05:55:02am) <@Trouble> liar ,,,, lol
(05:55:13am) <@Sw|tchB|ade> -.-
(05:55:20am) <%bitwise> lol

he is a liar,,, i dont lol
(01:37:39pm) <~|Stea|thB[A]be|> !banana
(01:37:40pm) * @Shockwave smacks |Stea|thB[A]be| with a banana till they act like a monkey
(01:37:45pm) <~|Stea|thB[A]be|> oops
(01:37:51pm) <~|Stea|thB[A]be|> !banana EpicMahlon[a]
(01:37:51pm) * @Shockwave smacks EpicMahlon[a] with a banana till they act like a monkey
(01:37:58pm) <~EpicMahlon[a]> LOL

Careful with those cmds St0rmy xDD

[16:32] <Moonzie_m> I lube you ao. Just thought i tell ya
[16:33] <@RamsesIII> erm typo buddy or freudian slip  ?
[16:33] <@RamsesIII> (no pun intended)

Didn't really go further than that  ...
Often, Its not what you say - but how it is read.
(05-02-2016, 05:38 PM)RamsesIII link Wrote: Didn't really go further than that  ...

you were wise annd you didnt go further

You may check too as well Tongue
[20:29:08] <StealthB[A]be> give him a interview , test him with mod1 2 3 and 4 , then tell him im sorry you failed . Tongue
[20:29:24] <MaTriX> ermmmm
[20:29:28] <MaTriX> no thnx
[20:30:07] <StealthB[A]be> volunteer Mrbadguy to do all the mods with him Laughs Out Loud
[20:30:15] <StealthB[A]be> but dont tell him i said that HahaHaha

so today i laughed so hard i couldnt barely breathe , im sitting in help talking and i get this private and the chatter said " i came by this today "  so i clicked on the link .........  well i thought it was funny so  im sharing the link .......  enjoy lol 
i'm the shadow in the moonlight,  i'm the whisper in the wind , unseen and unheard unless i choose to become visible.
Damn it....who had that cam in my bedroom!!
hahahaha Big Grin

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