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Having channels published on our website (webrooms)
General Conditions for  people who wish to have their  private channel published on our website.

∗ The channel must be run at all times according to the Librairc.Net ChanOps policies.

∗ The channel and owner's nick must have at least a 3 month registration history on Librairc

∗ The channel must have a 15 user average count at all times.You may not use bots/bncs to fill the channel, Humans only. Also the channel may only have 2 protection bots at anyone time.

∗ Language or Country based channels may only have owners from the Country or a Country that speaks said language, i.e Arabic/English speakers may not request a French room on the web.

∗ Channels that contain or are owned by known abusers/flooders will not be accepted.

∗ Owners may not change the founder without notification first, in the event we feel the change of owner is not a positive one for the channel or the user is a known trouble maker the channel may be removed from the website.

∗ Owners should be aware that they must give IRCops enough access within there channels to allow IRCops to deal with any issues that come up in the event there are no live-ops within the channel at the time.

∗ While the IRCops are to be added to access they are in no means liable to deal with any issues while there are your own active ops within the channel.The purpose of the access requirement is in the event there are none of your own ops active and operator status is required to avoid desync issues.

General Rules for WebChannel Owners
(They should be using the same rules as for the public channels)

∗ Chatters should be treated fairly at all times if they are misbehaving in the channel they should we warned first, if they continue then they should be kicked and finally a ban. (There should be no straight banning people with no chances to correct their behaviour)

∗ If a nick is inappropriate it should be asked to change and given 60 seconds to do so, if in this time they have not changed then the nick only should be banned not the IP.If they come back more than 3 times with a bad nick then yes ban the IP.

∗ Nicks like *hot* *cam* *sex* or anything remotely like these should NOT be on auto bans.Chatters are entitled to ask people to cam with them and although a large majority of the people on these webcam4u nicks etc are pests they still are not bad nicks and should not be banned.Nicks like "naked/nudeboy", "sexylady", "hotmale" and other nicks similar to these should NOT be banned.If a nick looks a bit suspicious it should be watched and banned for content.

∗ Web Owners should be attending their channel regularly and making sure that the ops they have chosen are carrying out these rules fairly and that they know the rules and have read THIS webpage. All too often the owners dissapear but dont want to give up the channel and so just let the ops run it, and ops are just making up their own rules as they go along.This includes the banning of nicks that are perfectly ok to use.If this happens and there is too many complaints about chatters being treated unfairly, stupid bans being set for simple little things or ops using their op status to ban for personal reasons then the channel will just be removed from the web.

∗ Akicks should only be set on people as a very last resort and at no time should they be added for personal reasons (i.e a certain op does not like this chatter so just throws him on akick).Also nicks that are not bannable have been placed on akick so check your akick list please and remove these kind of akicks.

∗ All kick messages should be clear and not stupid msgs that noone can really tell why the person was banned. Kick messages like "lamer" "get out" etc are not acceptable. If a chatter comes and complains to us about being kicked or banned we cant possibly tell with a message like this what the ban has been for.Some web chatters dont even see the message in status so they dont know either the reason for the ban. So at all times the kick message should state why that person has been removed.

∗ The Ops in web channels should be chosen carefully by the channel owners and they should not have a history of flooding and abuse in other channels.If the owners choose Ops who abuse others and it happens in the webroom then there is a possibility that channel may be removed.

∗ Swearing is allowed in channels as long as it isn't directly aimed at someone to abuse and as long as it isn't excessive.

∗ You should make sure your channel has enough Op coverage so that people aren't having to constantly come to #help for to get help because others are abusing or flooding. IRCops are under no obligation to come and fix problems in webchannels although we will if we have the time to do it.

∗ All languages should be allowed in all channels to a certain extent, in specific language channels i.e a German channel for instance English should be allowed as long as its only a few people and it is not disrupting the chat. Same for all other channels they should allow other languages if it is only a few people speaking, if it gets to the stage the main language is taking over the chat please ask them to move to the appropriate language channel. i.e Kick messages should be like i.e Please type /join #Germany

∗ This webpage will be updated regularly so Please keep checking for updates.

Please remember if we do feel you are not treating users fairly or properly we will remove your channel from our website.
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