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on 02/11/2009 at 12:23
Score : 10/10

Nice site Libra , its nice to see the picture,s from everybody, good work !

Webmaster's reply : Thanks Korine
on 01/11/2009 at 13:07
Score : 10/10

Yah know kay, you have far more holidays than me every year, i swear to god!! Tis a loverly site this, wish mine was this good! lol .. I need a competent webmaster .. well i neeed a master full stop!!

Just DONT play that scottish music, play something like ermmmm .. U2 or dance lol

xxx hun

Webmaster's reply : What scottish music there isnt any! yur hearing bagpipes in yur sleep yep u been coming to scotland too much lately lol :P
on 10/10/2009 at 10:02
Score : 10/10

Webmaster's reply : Cant keep away eh seppie :P hugsssss
on 08/10/2009 at 09:19
Score : 9/10

:P Hi Libra...finally i saw all the cute pic of them all .Fantastic work libra and i like ur smile..hehe..

Webmaster's reply : Thanks pumkin
on 21/09/2009 at 18:14
Score : 10/10

Thankssssssssssssssssssssssss For Everythinggggggggggggggggggg .
You and Other Cops r doing a Great Job!!!!

Hope you guys keep up the Good work.
M sure am gonna Join you Guys Pretty soon....

U R A Wonderful and Amazing Person!!!!

Enjoy your Trip to Egypt :P

Cya Soon.

Webmaster's reply : Thanks sweetindianguy
on 21/09/2009 at 03:51
Score : 0/10

Libra, I deserve to be on your site, under the chatters. becuase you love me. And you miss me.

Webmaster's reply : So wheres yur picture ? u know my email
on 16/09/2009 at 18:03
Score : 9/10

well......just a quick note.....great work and a fine job......and the email is valid....I just don't use it alot....:-)

Webmaster's reply : TY
on 11/09/2009 at 21:48
Score : 10/10

hey there libra,and other opses,cool site
and som pics are soo perfeckt by the name lols
1 lil thing,strani is from holland hun,and from from spain,although he lives there and in columbia [south US]
many greeds from the dutchroom chatter SNOOPY_

Webmaster's reply : ty hun
on 03/09/2009 at 13:32
Score : 9/10

Lots of good work there Libra

Nice format of all the pictures. I'll just have to find one thats not blurry of me

Webmaster's reply : Thanks hen, well send me a bigger pic coz that one had to be blown up a bit was kinda small
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Messages : 81 to 90
Page : 9
Number of messages : 184