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<SweetAsSalt> charlie_101, bored? Try to hit ur head on the keyboard!
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[04:02] (STR1K3R): que tengo que hacer para que me ponga un Zline?
[04:02] (STR1K3R): sorry
[04:02] (DeSt|nY): sorry for what?
[04:02] (STR1K3R): i like a z line in my ip
[04:05] (STR1K3R): just i need a ban in my ip
[04:06] (STR1K3R): for can´t enter a this server
[04:06] (DeSt|nY): for what?
[04:06] (DeSt|nY): just don't login :)
[04:06] (STR1K3R): this is not a problem
[04:07] (DeSt|nY): so why you want to be banned from this server?
[04:07] (STR1K3R): the problem is my wife yes can enter
[04:07] (DeSt|nY): lolz
[04:07] (STR1K3R): for my wife and i can´t enter here
[04:08] (STR1K3R): is posible?
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<Dark^Magician> what if i hit stop instead of pause?
-> *MemoServ* send Dark^Magician that would depend on software implementation. if the developers are good at developing they'll put in a dialog that says something like "dawg, you're about to permenantly delizzlete this shizzlit! are you sure?"
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<@Aussie_Lady1^^> (( Please Note )) Requests for SEX/CYBERSEX ( in any form ) dirty chat, as well as lewd and crude sexual comments made in this open channel, shall now be straight BANNED.... Please Do Not ask for it ...this may be the ONLY WARNING you receive. thank you.
* Aussie_Lady1^^ was kicked by PattyB (Please stop repeating!)
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~Solarius (Guest@2D5F00.A4D174.437637.20FD07) Quit (Killed (MaTriX (asshat)))
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[CHAOS] is away: is away, watching porn [Pants:OFF] [Hands:ON]
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*** Joins: MaTriX (
*** ChanServ sets mode: +q MaTriX
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o MaTriX
   (#ICQ-Australia) Warning: MaTriX is an IRCop
(Chr|s): [ MaTriX ] As per the ICQ Terms Of Service, usage of IrCQNet is not permitted by children under 13.
* Chr|s hides
*** You were kicked from #ICQ-Australia by MaTriX (I agree Chr|s ... come back when yer 13)
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<JimmyYard> I thought it was only gay if the balls touched
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(13:41:47) <Guest_911> When a man talks dirty to a woman its sexual harrassment but when a woman talks dirty to a man its 3.99$ the minute
(13:41:48) * MsDoofenshmirtz (msdoofenshmirtz@4425CB.260131.714889.6CE1F3) has joined #20_something
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(Caster): Chr|s
(Chr|s): ang on I'll get my bike
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