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<MallBoy> youre lucky im eating nachos now, i dont have time to type to u fuking losers
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(Guest_334): i came here to swear at that op
(libra-away): oh well swear and go then
*** Cop_Lady is now known as DeSt|nY
(Guest_334): his not here
(libra-away): well swear at me ill pass it on
(libra-away): :P
(yahia): lol
(DeSt|nY): lolz
(FaMe): lol

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<magical_gurl> im a polite well mannered b!
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(&redi): if it comes back i'l fart it for you safari
  * [InquisitoR] gave 0.5kg's chocolate to safari
(+safari): Guest_11223
(&redi): oops fpart it ;-)"
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* X-Ception bot is gettin a lotta hi's in pvt now prob come back to see his bot smokin cos someone in lfl cybered it
<@ReDkA> lol
<@{PoLaR^BeAr}> hahahhaa
<@{PoLaR^BeAr}> not me
<@{PoLaR^BeAr}> im innocent i tell ya
* ReDkA hides
<@{PoLaR^BeAr}> aw ReDkA u nawti women u
* X-Ception hangs notice on bot "no cyber im only " days old"
<@ReDkA> roflmaooooooooo
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<dieselboy> iam old but still a growing boy
<Squeak> dieselboy, How old are you?
<dieselboy> 44 Squeak
<Squeak> ...wat.
<Squeak> Are you serious
<dieselboy> yes Squeak
<Squeak> ....
<Squeak> no hope.
<Squeak> There is no hope.
<dieselboy> no hope for what Squeak ???
<Squeak> Life.
<Squeak> Ever.
<Squeak> It's over.
<Squeak> Might as well an hero now.
<dieselboy> iam still alive and KICKING Squeak
<dieselboy> want to see?
<Squeak> Naw, man, naw.
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wolfman2 [mountain@34682301.3C4D9871.6F6EA883.IP] has quit IRC: Quit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby
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[12:09:43] * cuddly plays Joe Rogan - 15 - Blow Jobs Oral Sex Is Healthy.MP3 7210.4k
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*** MeK|sHa  quits [20:17] [Gone: God gave men a brain and dick but not enough blood to run both at once !!!!!]
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<Humanoid> Nemesis: Why are you so pale?
<Foxington> Pale is sexy.
<Kashin^> Wuts?
<Kashin^> I wan' see!
<Nemesis> OO
<Nemesis> lol
<Kashin^> Show me, Humanoid.
<Humanoid> What?
- Humanoid unzips...
<Kashin^> Mrs pale.
<Humanoid> In front of everyone?
<Kashin^> lol
- Humanoid smacks Kashin^with his dark, DAAARK cawk
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