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(02:28:31) <BroHangover> why the FUK am I still in this FUKING chat and not banned!?
Quote: 85; Rating: -75; [+|-]

* Chr|s wonders where libra is hiding
(Immortal): behind me
(Chr|s): lol shes doing you from behind?
(Immortal): awwwwwwww u funny kid u
(Immortal): lol
(Chr|s): with a strapon LOL
(Chr|s): lol
(Immortal): no notice pls
(Immortal): lol
* libra looks
(libra): tired of living Chr|s ?
(Chr|s): lol yea libra
* Immortal votes libra
* Immortal votes libra
(Immortal): yep hunny hes just noticed me im tired of living
(MroOps): Rght @k
(libra): did he now
Stranaway): kill, libra
(Stranaway): nothing to lose
(libra): well a kill can be arranged
* Stranaway waits
(libra): nah i don't like being predictable
(ibra): its better when its unexpected
(TNTease): lol
* Disconnected
* You were killed by libra (irc-m09!irc-m05!!libra (like now))
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(00:03:08) <^Toast_^> Bad bots bad boots, what ya gunna do? What ya gunna do when they g-line you?
Quote: 29; Rating: -73; [+|-]
<Shaun15_M_Cali> wanna see my cock?
* Shaun15_M_Cali Has kicked by yahia ( No excessive sexual content. )
<Shaun15_M_Cali> dumb yahia
<Shaun15_M_Cali> when i said cock i meant rooster
Quote: 258; Rating: -18; [+|-]
(19:22:16) <Achi|||es> immortal-away IS COPY CAT
(19:22:20) <!immortal-away> meow
Quote: 54; Rating: -65; [+|-]
<molly> i belive in 2 forms of birthcontrol at all times...point and laugh
Quote: 286; Rating: -1; [+|-]
(12:29:17) <Immoral> !request Susan Boyle - You'll Never Walk Alone
(12:29:24) <Immoral> come on Immoral, play it
(12:29:41) <immortal-away> rofl
(12:29:43) <immortal-away> FAIL
(12:29:44) <immortal-away> ahahahahahaa
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I'm a hot woman, but its only because of the menopause...
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<JimmyConway_584> Fuk this, im sitting on a fuking corner outside wendys just to get the different ip address, i gotta go before the cops get here. listen you bich, you need to talk to me sometime about us doing this sex thing. you know my site you better contact me through there bich

(TommyDesimone): DJ Bouncy, i will just walk to mcdonalds or wendys or burger king, which are all within walking distance, and log on to the wi fi and get a new IP address. you can't touch me, these Ops can't touch me. Im the boss of ICQ, not you, not libra, and certainly not Cosi or this stupid fuk wayout1

(Same Guy)
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(dessstiny): im sorry
(dessstiny): i was naguhty
(dessstiny): and swore in 20 something
(dessstiny): naughty*
w4r10ck_53r814 (whois@F45B370A.AA9A4756.E67C645E.IP) has joined #ophelp
w4r10ck_53r814 is on #ophelp #ICQ_EuropeEast #asdf
(w4r10ck_53r814): O_o
(w4r10ck_53r814): guys listen
(dessstiny): well, i said blow job instead of hand job
(dessstiny): im sorry though
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