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* Landshark (Me@3DE835.089C62.017E47.702EDC) has joined #ophelp
<Landshark> i waqs just kicked by autobot for saying Thank You
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(Shampoo): she took off her clothes because she wanted to use me
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"Fuzara-Tenshou Guest22, do you need help?
Fuzara-Tenshou or do you enjoy making ops your play things?
Prince Hello Guest22
Prince may we help you Guest22 :) ?
  *** Lyra joined #ophelp
   +++ ChanServ has given voice to Lyra
Guest22 Fuzara-Tenshou:  ircops are my play things :)
Fuzara-Tenshou thats nice
Fuzara-Tenshou im sure they enjoy it
   *** Guest22 was kicked by libra-away (/me plays with you then)
   !!! You have been kicked from #ophelp
   *** Guest22 joined #ophelp
    Please state your problem. No answer? Type the nick of an Ophelper. |
    Topic set by Stranaway on Sun Apr 26 18:50:11 UTC+0100 2009
ChanServ Please do not use this room to idle or socialize in order to give people a fair chance to help and be helped. Once you have received the required help, please part the channel. We ask for your understanding. Please provide us with correct and full information so we can help you properly. Thanks :)
Fuzara-Tenshou ^5 libra
knightrider rofl libra-away
Fuzara-Tenshou lol
   +++ Watchdog set the channel to mode +l 20
Guest22 :x
libra-away :D
libra-away sorry couldn't resist
knightrider hugs hun
   *** Guest22 was kicked by Immortal (/me plays with you again)
  !!! You have been kicked from #ophelp"
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<z0r> bite my shiny metal ass.
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* Roo_AWAY_ (Roo@7C68FF.B42AE3.39D009.E15186) Quit (Quit: (G-Lined: Open proxy found on your host. Banned until the chooks come home to roost)
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<Dark^Magician> what if i hit stop instead of pause?
-> *MemoServ* send Dark^Magician that would depend on software implementation. if the developers are good at developing they'll put in a dialog that says something like "dawg, you're about to permenantly delizzlete this shizzlit! are you sure?"
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<Guest53687> I'm so jealous of black guys
<Guest53687> bcuz ANYTHING looks good on them
<Guest53687> lets face it if I saw a black guy at a gay bar dressed in drag I would so hook up with him
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YaNuSH  Quit (1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep .... ZZzzzZZZ)
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<Supersigs> 27 aussie male lookin for fresh pair of socks and maybe a little more <---- shoes?
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<SweetAsSalt> charlie_101, bored? Try to hit ur head on the keyboard!
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