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<Peter-pan> brb - The FBI just called, I'm wanted for a special mission.
* Peter-pan (am@ABABA2.AA8EE8.08911F.22C552) has left #ophelp
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My^Nick (Quit: I am quitting, no I'm not, wait, oh damm too late)
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*** PIZZA{a}  Quit (Gone: You possess a mind not merely twisted, but actually sprained.)
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<Nicolas> I only pm for money.  Next person who pm's me had better have your Visa ready
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[23:42:11] * Valkyrie (Guest@5F6F01.93C68B.C9E060.C74FFE) has joined #buddhism
[23:50:06] <Valkyrie> [15:49:29] [NOTICE ChanServ]: [#boobs]  THIS CHANNEL IS ABOUT BOOBS !!!!
[23:50:11] <Valkyrie> lol
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<p0tat3rs> !report #c˛cks I love c˛cks
<Watchdog> [RAS]-> Your request for an IrCQnet ChanOp to review #male-anatomy has been acknowledged
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(02:23:51) <cuddly> oH MY GaWD how can u eat a puppy HeltahSkeltah i can understand a pussy but why a puppy
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<CoderSam> you know what i really like
<CoderSam> binary
<CoderSam> i just <3 looking at it
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<+English-Gent> irc is my life, i signed my soul to them cos the devil couldnt afford me
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*** ReBBie  Quit (Gone: Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.)
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