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Quote: 218; Rating: 24; [+|-]
<Interpol50> putting someone on ignore and then asking another person in the room what they said ... the epitomy of stupidity
Quote: 264; Rating: 21; [+|-]
(13:34:06) <@libra> yes  yo im female  we can go for nice to bitch in 0.3 seconds
Quote: 250; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<Supersigs> 27 aussie male lookin for fresh pair of socks and maybe a little more <---- shoes?
Quote: 262; Rating: 13; [+|-]
(00:10:03) * Chris[A] begs libra
(00:10:12) <!libra> what ya begging for lol
(00:10:33) <!libra> u want radio?
(00:10:51) <MrB{a}dGuy> he wants a hug
(00:11:09) <!libra> he doesnt beg for hugs lol
(00:11:23) <MrB{a}dGuy> oh sorry
(00:11:26) <MrB{a}dGuy> that's maki
(00:11:28) <MrB{a}dGuy> lol
(00:12:32) <!libra> lol
Quote: 271; Rating: 13; [+|-]
(16:01:22) <LoupGris_Aus> Bought my son an iPad, my daughter an iPod. The wife got me an iPhone and I got her an iRon. She was'nt overjoyed even after I explained it can be integrated with the iWash, iCook, iClean network. This opened the iNag reminder service which totally wiped out the iShag function
Quote: 278; Rating: 12; [+|-]
(00:29:06) <Shaw> F|r3, why blame the Ops when the drama is all caused by trolls and other chatters?  It's like blaming the cops because your house got robbed.
Quote: 283; Rating: 8; [+|-]
<JenYah> i just remember as i got asked in lounge  if i like bukake and i mixed up the word with barbecue -.-
Quote: 265; Rating: 6; [+|-]
(13:34:51) <jamezzz> im reporting you libra to yourself
(13:35:03) <@libra> ok jamezzz ill answer the ticket  later  
(13:35:04) <Suze^^> Oh
(13:35:04) <nell> hahaha
(13:35:07) * Markie (LibraIRC@1B5558.54E745.64BFE7.A0D542) has joined #Lounge
(13:35:07) <jamezzz> lmao
Quote: 272; Rating: 5; [+|-]
(01:12:50) <Guest75361> hello. I registered the name sweety. when I log in, I get message wrong password. what happened?
(01:13:12) * catalyst is now known as catalyst[A]
(01:14:42) <Guest75361> ok, thank you for nothing
(01:14:55) * Guest75361 (..@65F7DA.AD47B7.04300A.A0187C) has left #Help
(01:17:16) <~immortal-away> thank you for not being patient
Quote: 276; Rating: 4; [+|-]
(22:47:20) <Gamer> video games are better than sex in my opinion CrazyGamerGirl
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