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I will not mention any particular names as this is a general question, but it was prompted by the behavior of one particular chanop who is excessive with her warnings/kicks/bans. If this chanop continues to warn and kick people for simple things every few minutes, who oversees this person to speak to them about this so they will "lighten up" and moderate more like the other chanops who aren't as strict?

An exact scenario regarding this chanop being excessive happened earlier. A guy and girl were playfully flirting/fighting in chat. The girl said "burps in guy's face" and the guy responded to this by saying "grabs girl and kisses her". The girl then responded with "ew don't kiss me!" and then said "girl kicks guy and throws water at him". At this point the chanop warned them and said their behavior was inappropriate, then threatened to kick them, effectively ending any flirting/talking between two people who were otherwise getting along and having fun in chat. I recorded this exact incident using screen capture software btw. This chanop does not know the difference between two friends in chat flirting with each other and pretending they dislike each other, and two people who are genuinely fighting and disrupting chat. What qualifications are looked at when chanops are chosen? Shouldn't a chanop be more human and able to tell the difference between things like this? Isn't this why some people are chosen as chanops and others are not? Because those chosen should possess the ability to be able to distinguish between a real argument and playful flirting? Isn't that the point of having live-chanops instead of just bots, so they can make these types of determinations whereas a bot can not?

Many reg chatters from the old network who came here have left due to this one particular op's behavior and have been discussing her on the other networks. LibraIRC's homepage specifically has an article linked at the bottom of the homepage titled "What is Op Etiquette" and specifically states:

"Kick/Ban Happy, Remeber its not children you are dealing with it is adults who have come to have fun and/or flirt with others, Operators have rules/guidelines they have to follow of course but dont be too quick in kicking or Banning people ,often just a few words to watch their chat content is enough without being "Bot like" and throwing up a warning popup every few minutes not to do this or that ."

This last line is exactly what this chanop does, but she has been doing it this way for months now with nobody correcting her poor way of opping/moderating. So while there's a whole article on guidelines for Chanops, what system is in place to make sure chanop's are even following these guidelines? Who can a chatter report this to or does it just go unchecked and the article about how they should behave is meaningless and only posted for sentimental value?

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Come and speak to any ircop about it and we will deal with it

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