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Adding some colours to your popups :-

Either while you are creating your popups or after you have finished them , you can then add colour commands to them.

Place your mouse into a section of your popup you would like to change the colour and by holding down the "Ctrl key on your keyboard and then striking the "K" key once , will bring up a colour box that has all the colours and numbers relating to the colours. Select a number and then continue typing OR move your mouse to another area to colour.

Making Popup Directories
If you intend to go mad making popups for slaps , hello's , welcome's and even welcome back's , you may want to consider making a directory for your popups.

In the mIRC Editor , make a new line and place a HEADING for your slap popup's called Slaps or  Emotions or anything really . We do this simply by typing the word "slap" "emotions" or whatever you choose on the new line and then placing all of you created  popups under that heading.

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