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yesterday I send a friend a picture as a link (myimg.com) and I got autobanned.

Now, if I try to connect the server says:

- irc-m01c.orange.icq.com: *** You're banned!

- Closing link: (unknown@*******) [G-Lined: No spamming/advertising (#52)]

I tried a proxy to connect to the server and ask a chanop/ircop but I also got banned with the proxy.

Hope someone can help me

2 Answers

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send your real ip on ircops@chanops.org please which you can get it from


or get a ticket from here and make a reply about it

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is the ban permanant i am also banned by sending a link which is http://icq-chat-rooms.jimdo.com/rooms/--61/ i dont see any problem but why i am banned

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its not permanant but its for certian time .. i dont know exactly cuz im not the one who set it but its mostly hours or days .. just submit a ticket on the link i showed on the top and ask for gline remove but make sure to include ur real ip ...and yea sorry to say we got some links thats on the filter that u get banned when u post them so u need to be carefull next time
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You can also see your real ip at the right side of this page.
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Well ! i use Ip-details.com to know my real/static ip address . but, its amazing in this page i can view my ip .

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