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Ive been G lined from Mirc and I dont know why. Ive been away with my family, and tried logging in tonight, only to be told ive been banned.

Does anyone know why and how I overcome this?


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Please use www.chanops.org/helpdesk to request removal of your gline.
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No worries..

0nce you're ip have been banned from the site. try to disable all firewall from the PC and from the Router and then check again if you can login if not follow this simple resolution.

1. turn off any antivirus or third party firewall that you have
2. Disconnect the router from the modem [cable modem, regular isp modem] and try a direct connection. Using an ethernet cable directly connect your computer to the modem bypassing the router.
3. or even by changing Ip you could possibly get into the site.. you can be in touch with the current Ip from IP-Details.com ..You cannot change the ip address, if you are using static ip address.If it is dynamic ip address, you can change it easily by resetting the modem or switching it off and on.you can also use Proxy server or Hide ip address software to change the ip address

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