Full Version: Listening to #radio
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A tip for anyone unable to hear the radio via the website, or a handy function for those using scripts. I had this info sent to me.
I don't know if it works for Macs but it's ok on Windows PC's. You need to be able to see filename extensions to be able to do this. eg. new notepad file.txt not simply new notepad file
The .txt extension is important. For simplicity I won't enter the steps to show filename extensions but if needed I will, later. It's fairly simple to do.

A handy place to do this is on your desktop. Right click the desktop and select ''New'', then select text document. Open the new file and on a single line type or copy and paste exactly as follows:


There is no space at the start of that line and there are no spaces throughout.

Click on ''File'' then ''Save'' and close the file. Then, right click the filename and rename it listen.pls
You'll will receive an alert that you are changing the filename extension and you must allow the change. After the change, click the file and it should open your default media player. If it does not work, you will need to right click the file and select ''Open With". Choose a media player and see if it works. If not, download Winamp from here: and install it. Afterwards if when clicking the listen.pls file and it still won't open, right click the file again and select ''Open With''. If you don't see Winamp in the options, click the little plus sign to expand for more options.

Happy listening.

You can find the listen.pls file by click winamp icon at  and it can be played by most audio players around.
Thanks immortal. I didn't know about that.