Full Version: What is your elf name and hobbit name ?
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Here is the game, most of you probably know Lord Of the Rings movie elf and hobbits characters of it  :Smile Big Grin
The hobbit name creator at:
The elf name creator at:

My hobbit name: Till Overhill of Nobottle
My elf name: Elessar Fëfalas

;D Tongue
My hobbit name: Orgulas Broadbelt of Buckland
My elf name: Amroth Anwamanë

so is that mean im a hobbit or elf Big Grin Big GrinBig Grin
No, but if you were these would be your names ;D
so i like my elf name Big Grin Big GrinBig Grin
Hobbit name: Berilac Chubb
Elf name: Amras Melwasúl

Hobbit Name :  Lila Foxburr of Loamsdown
Elf Name : Linwë Helyanwë

I kinda like my hobbit name  not sure about the elf one  ;D


Hobbit nameTongueopo Sandybanks of Frogmorton
Elf Name:Huor Telemnar

Wher are the others!!! don't be shy share with us Smile
elf name ::::Amras Arcamenel
hobbit name ::::Berilac Bulge of Hobbiton
Elf name : Ramses of jerseyisus
Hobbit name: greatness oh Lordy

Ok so I cheated !!!!! ???
(18-08-2016, 01:22 PM)RamsesIII Wrote: [ -> ]Elf name : Ramses of jerseyisus
Hobbit name: greatness oh Lordy

Ok so I cheated !!!!! ???

Pffft no cheating Big Grin
hobbit name: Ponto Loamsdown of Deephallow
elf name: Camthalion Carnesîr

sounds impressive !! so i looked up the google page and got this >>>

Camthalion is the son of Orodreth Carnesir and Vanalosswen Fairsnow.That makes him Legolas’ nephew.He was the captain of marchwardens,yet as the elven glory of Harlond was fading,he went east with his sister to claim his right in Mirkwood as the son of princess Vanalosswen,daughter of Thranduil.On his way there he made aquaintance with the dwarves of the Blue Mountains who gave him an axe as a gift.Being an excellent warrior,he learned to handle the new weapon pretty quickly.He became king after proving himself worthy on an occasion when a horde of Easterlings attacked Mirkwood and he fought them off.His prowess and his maternal lineage made him the best choice for a king and he ruled Mirkwood as the last elven king on Middle Earth for a long time.His sister Nessa stayed by his side and helped him.
He broke Mirkwood’s rather isolationist politics and thanks to his earlier aquaintance with dwarves,interacted with dwarves of Erebor skillfully.
in reality they gave me a pair of secateurs and a saw, so i became the King of the Rose pruners locally. and attack the rampant roses every Spring> As a hobbit i the Loams-down in the deep Hollows to make a range of plants grow
Elf Name: Celebrian Faelivrin

Celebrían is an Elven noblewoman, the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, wife of Elrond, and mother of ElrohirElladan and Arwen. She was called the Lady of Rivendell. Her name means "silver crown-gift" in Sindarin.

Hobbit Name: Orangeblossom Proudfoot of Standelf
Hobbit Name : Grigory Sackville-Baggins
Elf Name : Eöl Ringëril