Full Version: KVIrc Clone Scanner
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Here is a clone scanner.
How to use:

1-) The alias /scan nick - optional
2-) The alias /scan #channel  - optional
3-) The popup at right click in the channel "Clone Scanner" (Does scan whole channel as above)
4-) It will show the clones as well when someone join your channel.

How to install: Download the file called CloneScanner.kvs from this post, and follow "Scripting,  Execute Script,  Find the  CloneScanner.kvs file, Double click" thats it  Smile

Or Copy the code and paste in a .kvs file Smile

    delpopupitem -d -q channeltextview CloneScanner
    echo CloneScanner has been uninstalled succesfully.

    foreach (%user, $chan.users) {
            if ($iswellknown(%user) && $hostname(%user) == $hostname($0) && %user != $0) {
                    %clones <+ $link(%user, nick);
    if (!$isempty(%clones)) {
            timer -s ($rand, 1, $0, %clones) {
                    echo -i=$msgtype(genericstatus) $k(4)Clones for $b$link($0, nick)$b\: $str.join(", ", $1);
    foreach (%nick, $chan.users) {
    clones %nick;
    clones $0;

defpopup -m (channeltextview)
    item(Clone Scanner,125,CloneScanner) {
    scan $

# CloneScanner :)
echo CloneScanner has been installed succesfuly :)

Thanks! I am on Mac OS X and use KVIRC...

Happen to have any more scripts?