Full Version: chrome probem
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k many chatter using chrome to attempt to join are having  problems as it is refusing to show chat login panel
I have had it happen to me so I know it is rea I think it has something to do  with either the lateste up date of chrome amd or windows ten with chrome.
I have found doing a complete umistall of chrome  with wins utilities  will help  and reinstall
if that fails get them to go to
down load tool and reinstall windows 10. this will fix also
with that tool they can make a iso disc  of windows 10

also get them to test out in ie or edge to see if it works

Win 10 issue perhaps? I have the latest Chrome (Version 45.0.2454.101 m), but Win 7 and Have had no probs with the login panel and I look almost daily.
probably tnt
a bug with windows ten with upgrade  and so
as I did I unstall chrome and reinstalled it
and so has ran well since
so at least we know  how to help ppl if they  come in with problems connecting
uninstal and clean instal of chrome \
and ty tnt for looking into also