Full Version: Host Mask
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So I know I have already mentioned it to a couple people but figured I would give it one last go.

I would like the host mask to not change once someone identifies.  If you keep it as the hashed hex numbers it makes it much easier for basic scripting techniques to work.

Say something as simple as an Alias tracker.  They use the users host mask to identify them and add their alias to the list.  If the user simply quits then rejoins with a different registered nick, then they will never show up in the alias list.  I know this may not be useful for some, but many times people who are trying to stir up trouble or cause problems in a channel will use many different nicks to do so.  Its just nice to be able to identify them before hand.

Or if you want a simple notification to let you know a friend has joined the channel even if they are using a different nick.  Especially around the holidays when people pick a holiday nick.  Now I know, once they start chatting you can pretty much tell who they are, but its just nice to know.  Many times I am tabbed away for work or just afk, when I come back my script has sent me a notice of friends who have joined the channel. 

This will work as it is now, but if they decide to use another registered nick, then not so much, unless I add the mask for every nick they own.

Well many networks accepts different vhosts, as well we did accept different vhosts to be used.
I do understand the issue at ur side but there is benefit like someone can use any nick without register but if they did identify to account you would know who they are at join.
If this change requested by majority we may reconsider the options i guess. Comments are welcome  Smile
So basically, it will just stay as is.  Because the majority of users wont say anything, they dont even know what a host mask is, much less write a script to use it.

Again its fine with me.  Im not trying to complain just asking.  I will just try to adjust my script.