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SSL and spell checker
Hi, I am sure my suggestion will be welcomed.

When I connected thru mibbit to here I had two options ( to choose will I connect using SSL, and I have a spell checker in my browser that worked only when I connected thru them.)

1. Many users would wanna use programs for spell checking like Grammarly or whatever, and are ridiculed here most of the time cause of their spelling ( i dont care but for some this starts being a trouble and they are scared to use main rooms when someone points out their spelling ). It worked for me when I connected trhu mibbit I would have a red underline every time.

2.Also everyone wants improved security and to feel secure, I know libra is not mibbit, but allowing user SSL option before they connect.And to have let's say online Logs would be cool if it could work.Not saying this is possible right now today.
everyone can type in mibbit and check out. * that you can have a working spell  checker in the browser and also an option to have SSL, online logs connected to the account are more - less important. ehhh Thank you

If I sound terrible it's cause I just woke up. So good morning all and ty for reading me Big Grin
We do have Mibbit on, as stated on however, i found out their widgetmanager is down at this moment to look for spell checker and ssl options.

I did contact them and waiting reply to check these options asap, will update whenever i can do the changes.
#3 has been fixed full window to SSL as well now.

However for spell checker you may need some irc clients like AdiIRC.
Tested mibbit by firefox and chrome build up spell checkers, both works fine, Grammarly seems not works by any client so far.
i lurned two spel in skool sew eye dew knot  need sutch thins.  :o

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