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Debra's Training Wheels
Being fully aware that the opinions of chatters carry little weight in the decisions you make regarding Ops, I'd still like to ask that you consider making Debra a full chanop sooner rather than later.

It's quite clear over the time that she's been in #lounge that she very much cares about the chatters and the quality of the chat experience. Too often has she been in chat when there are issues that she cannot handle because there is no Op around for her to partner with. It would benefit all of us if Debra was able to manage such issues when they arise, rather than sitting on the sidelines with the rest of us.

Just my two cents. Thanks for listening.
Thanks for supporting the ops Smile
yes Debra is so good op i am sure that she will be a full op in a little time she really deserves it thanks for your opinions Shaw i agree with you..
hi Shaw Thanks For the Opinions , Debra is good op too we are glad that she will be full op in few and she deserves it :-)

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