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Helpop Extended Bans
Invite ban: A:[nick!user@host] Denies matching users from using /INVITE (for example, if the user is abusing /invite).
/mode #channel +b A:Mafia!*@*
The Mafia (nick name) can not use /invite command anymore.

Caps ban: B:[nick!user@host] Disallows matching users from using ALL CAPS based on the IRCd configuration.
/mode #Friends +b B:*!Me@539AC8.727FE3*
Matching users ( users with "Me" ident and "539AC8.727FE3" domain ) will not be able to use CAPS in #Friends channel.

Color ban: c:[nick!user@host] Blocks messages from matching users if they contain control codes.
/mode #channel +b c:*!*@*Helper.Org
Setting this would block helpers messages if they contain colors.

CTCP ban: C:[nick!user@host] Blocks CTCPs from matching users.
Not to be confused with the ban color code +b c: which blocks mIRC colour codes, this ban will block all CTCP messages.
/mode #channel +b C:*!thend@*
Users that has "thend" ident will not be able to send CTCP's to the channel.

Channel ban: j:[state][#channel] Matches users in a matching channel. If status is specified as in +#channel, just matches users with at least that access.
/mode #channel +b j:#Chat
Set this to disallow anyone to join your channel if they're also in #Chat.

Mute/Silence ban: m:[nick!user@host] Blocks messages to the channel from matching users.
/mode #channel +b m:*!*@*Chaops.Org
Setting this would mute ban chanops easly Tongue TongueTongue (Wildcards rock eh)

Nick ban: N:[nick!user@host] Disallows matching users from changing their nickname while in the channel.
/mode #channel +b N:*!God@*
Users with "God" ident will not be able to change their nicks.

Part message ban: p:[nick!user@host] Hides part messages from matching users.
/mode #channel +b p:Zeus!God@@*
Marching users part messages will be hidden.

Realname ban: r:[gecos] Matches against gecos (real name field). Spaces should be replaced with _ or wildcards.
/mode #channel +b r:*crazy*op*
Bans users that matching *crazy*op* real name, from joining the channel.

Account ban: R:[account] Matches accounts or registered nicks matching [account].
/mode #channel +b R:immortal
The point of this ban type is, that users like:
immortal-away is authenticated as immortal could be banned easly with the account as "immortal" no matter what nicks they are using, if they are identified to the account, they will not be able to join.

Server ban: s:[server] Bans everyone on the matching servers.
Quote:/mode #Chat +b
Anyone on will not be able to join #Chat channel.

Control codes ban: S:[nick!user@host] Strips control codes from messages matching users.
/mode #channel +b S:*!Me@*
The matching users that has "Me" ident will not be able to send color codes in the channel.

Kick ban: Q:[nick!user@host] Disallows /KICK from matching users.
/mode #channel +b Q:Mafia!*@*
The matching nick Mafia will not be able to kick anyone from the channel (even if opped).

Notice ban: T:[nick!user@host] Disallows NOTICEs from matching users to the channel.
/mode #channel +b T:Zeus!*@*
The matching user Zeus will not be able to send Notice to the channel.
Channel Redirect: [nick!user@host] Redirects the banned user to channel2 when they try to join.
/mode #channel +b Mafia!*@*#channel2

This mean when Mafia try to join channel he will be redirected to channel2

Normally you get message like this

#channel #channel2 You are banned from this channel, so you are automatically transfered to the redirected channel.
You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

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