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How to ignore someone using silence command
/silence [+|-]<hostmask|nickname> [p|c|i|n|t|a|x]

The following meanings of each flag:

    p = Block private PRIVMSG
    c = Block public PRIVMSG (to a channel)
    i = Block INVITE
    n = Block private NOTICE
    t = Block public NOTICE (to a channel)
    a = Block all the above types
    x = Exception.


  • If you want to ignore someone from Private with nickname Histen
/silence +Histen p
  • If you want to ignore Histen IP from your Private  lets say as he keep changing the nick and bug you over so for example his IP is FA0226.ACF033.D0C64D.9730CE
/silence +*!*@FA0226.ACF033.D0C64D.9730CE p

Please Note:
  • If you want to remove someone from the silence just replace the + with -
  • To get you silence list command used is just /silence and you shall get the info in your status page.
  • If some people wonder how to get others IP you just use /whois nickname and his IP with the rooms he in will appear in your status.
thanks for all and hope it was useful and clear.. Smile
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