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Suggestions Welcome
king if u have any helpful suggestions that  will help this site in any way feel free to express all we ask try not to be negative  and that together we can make improvements so all  that visit here has a safe place to caht with out trouble.

BlackM I agree with  u fresh blood is always needed, if you think of any way this can be done please share, all we can do is make links on google to bring folks here.

nice to meet both off you also
May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown
Think a solution could be an app for Android to use this chat. Without typical stuff from usual IRC apps, like geek settings from 1990s, not understandable for  lazy people (server, port, charset and so on). Just run and chat.  Among  billions of Android users, someones  might get interested  in public chat.
Would be good if some app coders would like to help out Tongue
more topless girls, more banana phones, and less banana hammocks.
is it irc or beach ? lol
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Please open a new topic for each new suggestion Smile

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