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Some Quotes from the Network

Shaun15_M_Cali> wanna see my cock?
* Shaun15_M_Cali Has kicked by yahia ( No excessive sexual content. )
Shaun15_M_Cali> dumb yahia
Shaun15_M_Cali> when i said cock i meant rooster

(dessstiny): im sorry
(dessstiny): i was naguhty
(dessstiny): and swore in 20 something
(dessstiny): naughty*
w4r10ck_53r814 (whois@F45B370A.AA9A4756.E67C645E.IP) has joined #ophelp
w4r10ck_53r814 is on #ophelp #ICQ_EuropeEast #asdf
(w4r10ck_53r814): O_o
(w4r10ck_53r814): guys listen
(dessstiny): well, i said blow job instead of hand job
(dessstiny): im sorry though

I was just tossed out of another room for calling someone a dick
* Itchy sets mode: +b *!*@4CB56729.E61D68C2.86BF15A1.IP
* BoomerNavy was kicked by Itchy (Please refrain from using this type of language)
hippydude> wtf
Landa> Laugh Out Loud
sassygurl> lol
Landa> and again
UncleMushroom> £äüghïñg Öüt £öüĞ
Sandman> lol