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We have covered chat etiquette in another question but there is also etiquette for Ops, They also have rules they should follow the same as any chatter.

  • Respect, Chatters wont give you respect because you were given an @ , dont expect it, respect is earnt it does not come free with your @
  • Favouritsm  Don't show favouritsm with your friends be fair, if 2 people are fighting and arguing warn both of them , (real friends wont put you in this position to begin with)
  • Rules of the Chatroom, Rules were meant for everyone that doesnt exclude the operator you cant tell other people not to fight or argue then do it yourself, you cant be rude, crude, and swear at others then tell chatters not to do it .
  • Offensive Chatters Operators do a voluntary often thankless job looking after chatrooms and take lots of abuse into the bargain however being an Operator gives you no rights to be offensive to chatters either, keep it in mind to practice what you preach.
  • Kick/Ban Happy, Remeber its not children you are dealing with it is adults who have come to have fun and/or flirt with others, Operators have rules/guidelines they have to follow of course but dont be too quick in kicking or Banning people ,often just a few words to watch their chat content is enough without being "Bot like" and throwing up a warning popup every few minutes not to do this or that .
  • Interact with the Chatters Try to avoid the ego trip side of opering. Answer private messages, unless it is someone just sending you  hate messages.And try if possible to chat in the channel with them (They dont feel so intimidated if you do and dont feel like you are  just sitting there waiting for them to make one silly mistake so you can boot them out )

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nice information.Thanks.

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