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For Those of you who are unfamiliar with IRC it is a network of servers which allow people from all over the world to interact via real time text chat.   Each user on IRC is known by a nick eg: funguy, try to use a nick that isnt too common as on most servers people can register nicks and if you use it, within a certain time period you have to change it or you get disconnected from the server. Channels are run by channel operators, ops for short these people are recognised by having an @ next to their nick. On IRCQnet % (halfops are also used , these are  used for ops who are  in training to be full @. They can control the channel by choosing who may join, they have the power to ban users or kick anyone who is generally being a pain in the butt ie: flooding the channel, swearing or just making life uncomfortable for other chatters. You will also see people with a + next to their nick this is called voice and means if a channel was set to (+m) "moderated" only people with ops (@) and voice (+) could speak in the channel. Here are just a few of the very basic commands for IRC.

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Further information:

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. This is the protocol (type of system or set of procedures) used to run most internet chat sites.  It allows for the "back and forth" type of "realtime" discussions between people in a chat room situation.

The term "IRC" is usually used to refer to chat networks in general.  In the case of the ICQ chat network, the actual Name of the chat network is IrCQnet.

("ICQ" is actually the instant messenger program, and is not the same as the IrCQnet chat network.  Although the IrCQnet chat network is featured on the ICQ website and can be accessed from there, the chat network is a separate entity.)

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