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The biggest news for me today is Microsoft is giving away 25gb Cloud today. If anyone know about Cloud, you will find 25gb is very useful. I do not think is appropriate to give out the Microsoft link here but if you go to Korea room and look for me, i will give you the link. Also, you can google "microsoft new cloud free 25gb". I think it will lead you to the link also. You just need to log in with your MSN messenger loggin and password. No need to downloand anything. It functions like a window live messenger. I hope this is not spamming.
i think its fine to post the link tracy, no worries Smile
You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
THX MindFreak
Microsoft just lauched this Cloud called SkyDrive. All you need to do is:
1. go to
2. log in with your window live messenger login and password ( no download needed)
3. on the left hand side. you will see 7gb free 7gb. right under the have "manage"
4. clicked on manage
5. clicked on upgrade to free 25gb
6. done
if you need help using the cloud, you can look for me in korea room. i will show you steps on uploading your files onto the cloud. the cloud is like carrrying a virual memory/flash drive with you. it is awesome. I used it for my chinese series, files, and pictues. i think everyone should have one. NO!! i do not work for microsoft. NO!! i do not get commission. If i see more good free stuffs, i will lets you guys know.
Sori people.....i just went and tried to get another 25gb. microsoft closed out the free 25gb. you still can get 7gb for free but the 25gb no longer exist. i guess it was an one hour special this morning from microsoft. dang it...dang it. T.T
What do clouds do anyway?
cloud is basically a virtual flash/memory drive. you can upload files onto the cloud and open it where you can find a pc with connections. it is great for people who use tablets. you can pull files from the clouds onto the tablet. i used it as a storage for my books and pictures also. i am not sure on all the details but you can google for specific informations.
i just buy a small vps and have root access to my own fully self-managed cloud server lol.

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