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Chanops Exception: mode +X
well i asked for this module to be loaded and (for a change) it was Big Grin so here it comes:

    Name: Chanops Exception


    Example: /mode #omerta +X filter:o

    Effect: This mode allows channel-operators (or other users) to override certain channel modes, like filter (+g), no caps (+B), etc.
    PERMISSION indicates the channel mode to override, MODE indicates which mode the user most at least have (q, a, o, h or v).
    In the above example, operators and higher will override (they won't be affected by) the filters (+g-mode).

    Available Permissions: blockcaps (+B), blockcolor (+c), filter (+g), flood (+f), nickflood (+F), noctcp (+C), nonick (+N), nonotice (+T), regmoderated (+M), stripcolor (+S).
    You can also enter topiclock (+t). This will however lock the topic to users without this exception if +t is set on the channel.

    Example: /mode #omerta +X topiclock:q
    If this is set, only users with +q (~) will be able to change the topic.

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