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I Need to know the reason .. And if the below given reason is Genuine then LOGS PLEASE !!!

[01:31] ••• Error: Closing link: (unknown@ [G-Lined: No spamming/flooding 202 - Contact us http://chanops.org/helpdesk - filtered by immortal at 12/03/2015 ]

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That message means you have posted a  link thats been added to the spamfilter, it should expire  in a day or 2 at most
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i didnt even get any warning for that .. how wud i knew that its in spam filter .. cant you undo that manually pls.. i dont wish my weekend to be spoilt ..
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You need request that by the helpdesk as mentioned in message.
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The ban message says that you hit the spamfilter so server banned you for one day.

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