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  • Join the channel you want to register it like for example if you wanna register a channel name Titans so the command will be:

/join #Titans


  • Make sure the room you joined aren't registered and you are the only one on it or was the first to join. To check the room is not register or not just type


  • /cs info #Titans

  • If its not register it would tell you
-ChanServ- Channel #Titans is not registered.


  • If its register it would give u a list of info


                        -ChanServ- Information on #Titans:
                        -ChanServ- Founder    : Agent 
                        -ChanServ- Registered : Oct 15 08:10:51 2011 (30 seconds ago)



  • To register three channel now after checking thats iits already not register u need to type only this
/cs register #Titans

Note: Your channel is linked to ur nickname if you are who registered it and will get dropped if your nickname gets dropped which should be on 30 days unless there is another founder with you which you can also find it on the link below


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