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We cannot tell from here. Please post your question on our helpdesk, and include the channel you were banned from, and the actual ban message if possible.

You can contact ircops through the helpdesk at http://chanops.org/helpdesk

Most bans are relatively temporary, so it may have already been lifted. Please check before opening a ticket on the helpdesk.

Thank You,

TNTease (IrcOp)

HI whether your ip address is banned from any website ...Then the reason to ban ip address depends on the website some websites ban particular range of ip address ,Here i list out the steps about how to get unbanned from any website ...They are first send mail to them about why you have been banned from that sites ,sometime they might ban a range of ip address so if you sent any request they might respond to you ...Even then you are banned from that site then better change your network ip address ..If you are having dynamic ip address then you can easily change it just by resetting your modem .Else if you are having static ip address then you must have to inform your ISP to change it .After changing the ip address visit sites like Ip-Details.com to find your present network ip address ...Now try to use the same site which has banned you before sure you can access it without any issues .

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This will not be option for ircqnet, as you will be rebanned asap for "ban jumping" as TNTease said request ban removal will be better thing to do.

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