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/mode <yournick> ±<letter>

Note: You can only change your own user modes ONLY.[/list]

  [ c ] = Blocks private messages and notices from users who do not share a common channel with you.

/mode <yournick> ±c


  [ d ] = Deaf mode. User will not recieve any messages or notices from channels they are in.

/mode <yournick> ±d

  [ g ] = Provides control over who can private-message a user via /ACCEPT lists.

/mode <yournick> ±g

  [ h ] = Marks as 'available for help' in WHOIS (IRCop only).
/mode <yournick> ±h

  [ i ] = Makes invisible to /WHO if the user using /WHO is not in a common channel.
/mode <yournick> ±i

  [ k ] = Prevents the user from being kicked from channels, or having op modes removed from them (services only).

/mode <yournick> ±k

  [ o ] = Marks as a IRC operator.

/mode <yournick> ±o


  [ r ] = Marks as having a registered nickname (services only).

/mode <yournick> ±r

  [ s ] = Receives server notices specified by [mask] (IRCop only).

/mode <yournick> ±s

  [ w ] = Receives wallops messages.

/mode <yournick> ±w

  [ x ] = Gives a cloaked hostname.

/mode <yournick> ±x

  [ B ] = Marks as a bot.

/mode <yournick> ±B

  [ G ] = Censors messages sent to the user based on filters configured for the network.

/mode <yournick> ±G

  [ H ] = Hides an oper's oper status from WHOIS (IRCop only).

/mode <yournick> ±H

  [ I ] = Hides a user's entire channel list in WHOIS from non-IRCops (IRCop only).

/mode <yournick> ±I

  [ Q ] = Makes an operator invisible, preventing users from seeing their presence, including in channel user lists (IRCop only).

/mode <yournick> ±Q

  [ R ] = Blocks private messages from unregistered users.
/mode <yournick> ±R

  [ S ] = Strips mIRC colour/bold/underline codes out of private messages to the user.
/mode <yournick> ±S

  [ T ] = Prevents you from receiving CTCPs. (CTCPs are Client to Client Protocols its a set of rules thats are  between one client and another it work for the commands that are direct and doesnt need an accept or refuse like ping finger time version and DCC. etc)

/mode <yournick> ±T

  [ W ] = Receives notification when a user uses WHOIS on them (IRCop only).

/mode <yournick> ±W


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