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Welcome to our New Forums
Welcome to our new Forums

We had some good information on some of our old forums, so we have merged them with our new  forums so that information isn't lost. The new forums you will also notice are new boards as we have changed from SMF to myBB Boards.Hope you like them kudos to Immortal for all his hard work in moving all these posts it was a  huge  job merging 3  different Forums Smile

New Forums and new Topics means new  posts  so come on guys and gals  lets  get posting Big Grin

If anyone had any images or  files that were on the old forum you can access those by going here

Also a tip on how to view the newest  posts either  click on the Portal button or click on the  little  arrow  where your nick or avatar is  top right and "view new posts" or "view todays posts". Also the newest posts are  on a box on the right of your screen.
Love Me , Hate Me, I'll still be ME in the morning
This is a pretty groovy forum setup.

I like how you can easily customize the themes
and the advanced settings for the posts will come in handy.
Hope its liked cos it took hours of work Tongue
Let us know if you want any Background Patterns or Images to be added there for all, yes you can add for yourself too Smile
It takes getting used to at first but it looks a lot better. Thanks immo Smile
Acta deos numquam mortalia fallunt.
Can put this picture in Gallery -> chatters ?


    All good thugs, must come to an end..     Sleepy  
You should be able to register and upload bro Tongue

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