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<p0kem0n> any girls like the smell of catfish bait PV me please
Quote: 132; Rating: -110; [+|-]
*** PIZZA{a}  Quit (Gone: You possess a mind not merely twisted, but actually sprained.)
Quote: 81; Rating: -80; [+|-]
<Nemesis> [ IPeeOnBabies ],  do not pee on babies while in the channel.
<IPeeOnBabies> you're asking alot
<Nemesis> LMAO
<Nemesis> wtf
<Nemesis> baby shanker is not even here
<Nemesis> how can u pee on babies????
<IPeeOnBabies> ah good point...
<IPeeOnBabies> hmm..
<Nemesis> lol
ùíù Babies [lol@BEE90AEB.E6DECB7F.21992E3F.IP] has joined #dragonslair
ùíù CloNes [Babies IPeeOnBabies] BEE90AEB.E6DECB7F.21992E3F.IP [3]
- IPeeOnBabies pees on Babies
<Nemesis> looooooooooool
<Nemesis> u've just peed on urself
<Nemesis> :S
Quote: 118; Rating: -80; [+|-]
* X-Ception bot is gettin a lotta hi's in pvt now prob come back to see his bot smokin cos someone in lfl cybered it
<@ReDkA> lol
<@{PoLaR^BeAr}> hahahhaa
<@{PoLaR^BeAr}> not me
<@{PoLaR^BeAr}> im innocent i tell ya
* ReDkA hides
<@{PoLaR^BeAr}> aw ReDkA u nawti women u
* X-Ception hangs notice on bot "no cyber im only " days old"
<@ReDkA> roflmaooooooooo
Quote: 175; Rating: -80; [+|-]
[17:26:21] <oscar^pepper> hey iDol.  My dog got on my keyboard while I was afk, and #christianity kick banned me as a flood bot.
[17:26:32] <!libra> yeah right oscar^pepper
[17:26:34] <!libra> lol
[17:26:38] <oscar^pepper> serious lol
[17:26:43] <!libra> thats an old one sorry we arent falling for it
[17:26:55] <oscar^pepper> awwwwwwww i'm serious.  I'm no flooder.
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<BoomerNavy> I was just tossed out of another room for calling someone a dick
* Itchy sets mode: +b *!*@4CB56729.E61D68C2.86BF15A1.IP
* BoomerNavy was kicked by Itchy (Please refrain from using this type of language)
<hippydude> wtf
<Landa> Laugh Out Loud
<sassygurl> lol
<Landa> and again
<UncleMushroom> £äüghïñg Öüt £öüÐ
<Sandman> lol
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(Quit: That secret you've been guarding, isn't.)
Quote: 119; Rating: -79; [+|-]
Here someone in #computers who is mad with Xena :) {the bot } (QTBootiez69): well listen help me there is a bitch on here that keeps kicking meoff but i can still get back on because she don't know what she is doing
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<j3st3r-coffee>  Im habitually slow when it comes to catching libra..... I would hate to see her driving on the highway.....
Quote: 121; Rating: -79; [+|-]
<^Dagrinch^> im not stealing panties anymore its taken me 6 months to get the fish smell outta my cave
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