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<Interpol50> putting someone on ignore and then asking another person in the room what they said ... the epitomy of stupidity
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<JenYah> i just remember as i got asked in lounge  if i like bukake and i mixed up the word with barbecue -.-
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(16:01:22) <LoupGris_Aus> Bought my son an iPad, my daughter an iPod. The wife got me an iPhone and I got her an iRon. She was'nt overjoyed even after I explained it can be integrated with the iWash, iCook, iClean network. This opened the iNag reminder service which totally wiped out the iShag function
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(17:46:52) * +LilMermaid slaps immortal-away... stop spamming
(17:47:39) <immortal-away> im allowed
(17:48:18) * +LilMermaid spams immortal-away
(17:48:20) <!iBan> [ immortal-away ] are you one of them who ones thinking and typing quick,
(17:48:36) <immortal-away> yes i am
(17:48:49) <!iBan> you dont just need to type quck but correct as well
(17:49:07) <immortal-away> quck ?
(17:49:14) <immortal-away> ull be placed to quotes page lol
(17:49:21) <!iBan> quick !
(17:49:34) <+LilMermaid> lol
(17:49:36) <immortal-away> no comment..
(17:50:06) <!iBan> you will post one i can post 1000s
(17:50:28) <immortal-away> idareya..
(17:50:38) <immortal-away> :D
(17:50:45) <!iBan> ha ha ha
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(13:34:51) <jamezzz> im reporting you libra to yourself
(13:35:03) <@libra> ok jamezzz ill answer the ticket  later  
(13:35:04) <Suze^^> Oh
(13:35:04) <nell> hahaha
(13:35:07) * Markie (LibraIRC@1B5558.54E745.64BFE7.A0D542) has joined #Lounge
(13:35:07) <jamezzz> lmao
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(17:23:17) <SteelHorse> I adore Sicilia , best foot my ass has ever felt
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(02:24:59) <StokaNenormalna> im gonna be a father :p
(02:25:04) <StokaNenormalna> in April :P
(02:25:11) <~Sic|^Off^Duty> do you know the mother?
(02:25:15) <MrBadSanta> lmao
(02:25:19) <StokaNenormalna> yup!
(02:25:20) <~Sic|^Off^Duty> I suppose it'll be April 1st?
(02:25:24) <StokaNenormalna> 20.
(02:25:27) <StokaNenormalna> :P
(02:25:33) <~Sic|^Off^Duty> are you serious?
(02:25:36) <StokaNenormalna> yeah, i now her!
(02:25:43) <~Sic|^Off^Duty> she your wife?
(02:25:44) <~Sic|^Off^Duty> lol
(02:25:57) <~Sic|^Off^Duty> Congratulations, this is the 5th child now? :P
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Alpha[BBL] (Alpha@Alpha) Quit (Quit: Fake Ping timeout (47,393,756,023 seconds)
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(01:12:45) <Analog_Kid> I idolized Superman when I was younger. I thought he and I had a lot in common. he was always going into phonebooths and taking off all his clothes
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<ElektriKa> My favorite bartender is a Capricorn too and she also likes the young biys  
<ElektriKa> boys*  
<ElektriKa> And I think she hates it when I go home with one
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