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(01:06:45) <MrBadGuy> Mina, my cute lil scottish witch... are you stirring the pot again?
(01:06:51) <SpunkyGuy> They baptised her
(01:06:56) <yo> lmao
(01:06:58) <SpunkyGuy> Before putting her somewhere
(01:07:03) <Mina>  MrBadGuy!*@* added to ignore list. ugh
(01:07:05) <yo> did she brereak out in flames
(01:07:08) * Andross (WebirC@LibraIRC-lf0.04s.fcck60.IP) Quit (Quit: Reason filtered)
(01:07:12) <SpunkyGuy> Lmao
(01:07:15) <Mina> at least she had humour
(01:07:16) * MrBadGuy is now known as MrBadGuy_
(01:07:17) * iBan sets mode: +b MrBadGuy_!*@*
(01:07:17) <yo> hi bad guy
(01:07:18) * MrBadGuy_ was kicked by iBan (Banned: Please change your nickname to something more suitable by typing /nick newnick)
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(17:46:52) * +LilMermaid slaps immortal-away... stop spamming
(17:47:39) <immortal-away> im allowed
(17:48:18) * +LilMermaid spams immortal-away
(17:48:20) <!iBan> [ immortal-away ] are you one of them who ones thinking and typing quick,
(17:48:36) <immortal-away> yes i am
(17:48:49) <!iBan> you dont just need to type quck but correct as well
(17:49:07) <immortal-away> quck ?
(17:49:14) <immortal-away> ull be placed to quotes page lol
(17:49:21) <!iBan> quick !
(17:49:34) <+LilMermaid> lol
(17:49:36) <immortal-away> no comment..
(17:50:06) <!iBan> you will post one i can post 1000s
(17:50:28) <immortal-away> idareya..
(17:50:38) <immortal-away> :D
(17:50:45) <!iBan> ha ha ha
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Alpha[BBL] (Alpha@Alpha) Quit (Quit: Fake Ping timeout (47,393,756,023 seconds)
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<ElektriKa> My favorite bartender is a Capricorn too and she also likes the young biys  
<ElektriKa> boys*  
<ElektriKa> And I think she hates it when I go home with one
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Kiddo put his finger in Baby_girl's right eye
Joshua929: Lol
Kiddo was kicked by Baby_girl ()
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(18:17:56) * Simmi36cccc (LibraIRC@LibraIRC-ghn.49h.nm5849.IP) has joined #lounge
(18:21:24) <Coffee> Simmi36cccc, what is 36c,
(18:24:36) <ArchAngel> Coffee that's a nice summer day or a bra size ?
(18:26:13) <ArchAngel> 36c is pretty nice either way I guess
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<chatterbox1916> i might put my tree up later the marra libra
<libra> chatterbox1916: omg its too early lol
<chatterbox1916> anno but its gets the dog used to it last year he was shagging santa
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(23:21:39) <yo> shit pipe i knew life sucked before i could walk
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(12:29:17) <Immoral> !request Susan Boyle - You'll Never Walk Alone
(12:29:24) <Immoral> come on Immoral, play it
(12:29:41) <immortal-away> rofl
(12:29:43) <immortal-away> FAIL
(12:29:44) <immortal-away> ahahahahahaa
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<ElektriKa> I tell white lies now and then, when I have to; but not other color lies normally.
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