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Quote: 264; Rating: 40; [+|-]
(13:34:06) <@libra> yes  yo im female  we can go for nice to bitch in 0.3 seconds
Quote: 278; Rating: 40; [+|-]
(00:29:06) <Shaw> F|r3, why blame the Ops when the drama is all caused by trolls and other chatters?  It's like blaming the cops because your house got robbed.
Quote: 218; Rating: 34; [+|-]
<Interpol50> putting someone on ignore and then asking another person in the room what they said ... the epitomy of stupidity
Quote: 250; Rating: 34; [+|-]
<Supersigs> 27 aussie male lookin for fresh pair of socks and maybe a little more <---- shoes?
Quote: 283; Rating: 34; [+|-]
<JenYah> i just remember as i got asked in lounge  if i like bukake and i mixed up the word with barbecue -.-
Quote: 281; Rating: 21; [+|-]
<stanky> wildcard: someone is using my nick, smelly
      smelly [librairc@CE8590.7B3250.67E967.FA31C8] has quit IRC: Quit: Reason filtered
      stanky [librairc@CE8590.7B3250.67E967.FA31C8] is now known as smelly
<smelly> nevermind
<smelly> it was me
Quote: 261; Rating: 20; [+|-]
(22:02:41) <JAAN_rambo007> WHO BAN ME
(22:02:48) <JAAN_rambo007> raise his or her hand
(22:03:15) * JAAN_rambo007 (JAAN_rambo007@4CD8F1.9407E9.F0E435.7612FC) has left #ophelp ("Reason filtered")
Quote: 263; Rating: 20; [+|-]
<StealthB[A]be> so far so good :P
<StealthB[A]be> how long is mod4 ?
<EpicMahlon[A]> 4-5 hours
<StealthB[A]be> you kidding me right
<EpicMahlon[A]> lol wish I was
Quote: 277; Rating: 18; [+|-]
(19:36:33) <WTF> iBan can i kiss u?
(19:36:39) * BonnyNL (email@43C494.57F86D.411BC7.576629) has left #Lounge
(19:36:40) <!iBan> [ WTF ] Please do not make sexual requests in any form in the chat room.
(19:36:44) * Guest69412 is now known as nobody
(19:36:45) <MrBadGuy> hshs
(19:36:48) <WTF> kiss not sexuakl
(19:36:50) <WTF> sexual
(19:36:53) <snobol> there is no flying saucer or secret web server somewhere on the planet . need I say again I weigh 343 lbs and I aint fat
(19:36:53) <WTF> is not
(19:37:05) <nobody> MrBadGuy I thought u were a pretty good op actually
(19:37:08) * LizzieBRB (librairc@38CDF4.C1209A.ADD1FD.33178A) has joined #Lounge
(19:37:08) <MrBadGuy> depends where you place the kiss
(19:37:19) <WTF> MrBadGuy dont go into specifics
Quote: 296; Rating: 17; [+|-]
(01:06:45) <MrBadGuy> Mina, my cute lil scottish witch... are you stirring the pot again?
(01:06:51) <SpunkyGuy> They baptised her
(01:06:56) <yo> lmao
(01:06:58) <SpunkyGuy> Before putting her somewhere
(01:07:03) <Mina>  MrBadGuy!*@* added to ignore list. ugh
(01:07:05) <yo> did she brereak out in flames
(01:07:08) * Andross (WebirC@LibraIRC-lf0.04s.fcck60.IP) Quit (Quit: Reason filtered)
(01:07:12) <SpunkyGuy> Lmao
(01:07:15) <Mina> at least she had humour
(01:07:16) * MrBadGuy is now known as MrBadGuy_
(01:07:17) * iBan sets mode: +b MrBadGuy_!*@*
(01:07:17) <yo> hi bad guy
(01:07:18) * MrBadGuy_ was kicked by iBan (Banned: Please change your nickname to something more suitable by typing /nick newnick)
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