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Idunn [Asgaard@E62908E9.75AB8584.FF5C3E99.IP] has quit IRC: Quit: (Quit: Killed (ChanServ (You've been online too long)))
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*** PIZZA{a}  Quit (Gone: You possess a mind not merely twisted, but actually sprained.)
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<Shaun15_M_Cali> wanna see my cock?
* Shaun15_M_Cali Has kicked by yahia ( No excessive sexual content. )
<Shaun15_M_Cali> dumb yahia
<Shaun15_M_Cali> when i said cock i meant rooster
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<^Dagrinch^> im not stealing panties anymore its taken me 6 months to get the fish smell outta my cave
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<+Sahar> mIRC WARNING:  CHATTING  has been known to consume time, cause insanity, wreak havoc, inspire hopes and dreams, cause dangerous self illusions(i.e any1 calling themselves 'cute', 'hot' 'kitten' 'stud' or 'sexy' is usually a complete dog) and to cause the user to sit hunched over a computer, with bloodshot eyeballs staring at the monitor until the wee hours of the morning. endlessly typing more and more bullsh..t!!!
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(12:29:17) <Immoral> !request Susan Boyle - You'll Never Walk Alone
(12:29:24) <Immoral> come on Immoral, play it
(12:29:41) <immortal-away> rofl
(12:29:43) <immortal-away> FAIL
(12:29:44) <immortal-away> ahahahahahaa
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Quits: Gorillahh (Gone: The world is full of willing people. Some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.)
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(22:47:20) <Gamer> video games are better than sex in my opinion CrazyGamerGirl
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This is just a short snippet of  RoMeOfEaTlOvE being pwnd by me.

* Chr|s[A] plays «» «» Wham - Last Christmas.mp3 6«» «» 4182.6k
*** Chr|s[A] sets mode: +b *!*@D998817D.D73B01F7.BB3AE8E3.IP
(#gremlin) Banned- RoMeOfEaTlOvE
*** RoMeOfEaTlOvE was kicked by Chr|s[A] (last christmas i gave you a kick ban but the very next day you gave it away.)
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Guest63588 : u have to conclude, there is a possibility libra, matrix etc are workin for the kgb
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