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(22:40:55) <PastorBob> I wanna speak to your manager
(22:40:56) <!MaTriX^AWAY> iv not got 20
(22:41:01) <PastorBob> This is abuse
(22:41:01) <!MaTriX^AWAY> lmao @ my manager
(22:41:09) * !MaTriX^AWAY goes to get his wife
(22:41:32) <PastorBob> Listen, you go change the channel modes right now
(22:41:39) <PastorBob> before things get ugly
(22:41:40) <!MaTriX^AWAY> roflol
(22:41:52) <!MaTriX^AWAY> why...u bringing my mother in law online??
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<@Sir_Burpalot> Even a single thought about making an amazingly hot chick cry gives me boners.
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(Quit: roses are red, violets are blue, AIDS is contagious, so watch who u screw!!!)
Quote: 157; Rating: -56; [+|-]
<SparklingEyes42> Oh my! I see a pvt from MarriedLady. Sorry! You're barking up the wrong pair of panties with me.
Quote: 221; Rating: -35; [+|-]
(Shampoo): she took off her clothes because she wanted to use me
Quote: 190; Rating: -39; [+|-]
(Guest_936): omg tornado has came here
(SP): where ??????//
(Guest_936): in my city
(SP): i thought in chat room
(Guest_936): lol (Guest_936): i may die tonight
(SP): 936 bad joke @ all
(Guest_936): i m serious
(Guest_936): windows r banging eachother
(DeSt|nY): Guest_936, we all may die tonight, we don't know our future
(Guest_936): cars r flying
(DeSt|nY): anyway, if I knew I was gonna die tonight
(DeSt|nY): I would do other things
(DeSt|nY): rather than sit in front of pc
(Guest_936): i will have my finner and sleep early
(Guest_936): it started raining now
* Guest_936 have to run bye all
(DeSt|nY): laterz :)
(SP): :P
(Guest_936): my building may fall anytime
(DeSt|nY): :)
(SP): are yaar koi iske muh par nai hatho par TAP lagao :0
(Guest_936): i am serious sp
(Guest_936): i m stucked
(DeSt|nY): lolz
(DeSt|nY): you sure got courage not to scream and continue typing
(Guest_936): i m on phone destiny running here n there
(DeSt|nY): ahahahaha

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(13:34:34) <&Solarius> Immortal do you need hep? ö.ö
(13:34:41) <Immortal> yes i need hep
(13:34:42) <Immortal> :P
(13:34:45) <DBoyz> LOL
Quote: 204; Rating: -37; [+|-]
<armenian1> Hey Bilbo, you gonna censor everything everybody says that you don't like?
Quote: 137; Rating: -62; [+|-]
^A^ngel  Quit (Quit: God created Man, then he had a better idea, he created Woman, but he forgot to fix Man!)
Quote: 227; Rating: 0; [+|-]
"[12:30:41] <ShootingUp> yer i just wanted to report an op
[12:30:46] <ShootingUp> called xanna
[12:30:50] <!MaTriX^AWAY> thats a bot
[12:30:54] <ShootingUp> i just got banned for 24 hours
[12:30:58] <!MaTriX^AWAY> thats right
[12:31:00] <ShootingUp> yer
[12:31:00] <+BmW> =p
[12:31:03] <!MaTriX^AWAY> I banned u
[12:31:05] <ShootingUp> why i dont know
[12:31:09] <!MaTriX^AWAY> yes u do
[12:31:12] <ShootingUp> no i dont
[12:31:25] <!MaTriX^AWAY> ok
[12:31:31] <ShootingUp> wait i  know the reason your a fuckwit
[12:31:31] * !MaTriX^AWAY goes to get some samples
[12:31:37] * ShootingUp (ShootingUp@3DB150.84A6A3.A36A8F.4A6871) Quit (XMLSocket Connection closed)
[12:31:37] <!MaTriX^AWAY> wait
[12:31:42] <!MaTriX^AWAY> damn it"
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