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Quits: demonic (Quit: They say when you play a Microsoft CD backward you can hear satanic messages...but that's nothing, if you play it forward it will install Windows
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I'd strut my stuff, but it already left without me.
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(22:02:41) <JAAN_rambo007> WHO BAN ME
(22:02:48) <JAAN_rambo007> raise his or her hand
(22:03:15) * JAAN_rambo007 (JAAN_rambo007@4CD8F1.9407E9.F0E435.7612FC) has left #ophelp ("Reason filtered")
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<Guest53687> I'm so jealous of black guys
<Guest53687> bcuz ANYTHING looks good on them
<Guest53687> lets face it if I saw a black guy at a gay bar dressed in drag I would so hook up with him
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(00:29:06) <Shaw> F|r3, why blame the Ops when the drama is all caused by trolls and other chatters?  It's like blaming the cops because your house got robbed.
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*** Dabbit was kicked by MaTriX (its spelt Dabbit)
*** Joins: Dabbit (
*** ChanServ sets mode: +a Dabbit
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dabbit
(MaTriX): ooopps
(MaTriX): crap wrong one
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^A^ngel  Quit (Quit: God created Man, then he had a better idea, he created Woman, but he forgot to fix Man!)
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(20:39:06) <RoCkStAr> i want to talk wid cop
(20:39:20) <&Scarecrow> This isn't the police station
(20:39:29) <&Scarecrow> Would you like to speak to an IRCOp instead?
(20:39:47) <RoCkStAr> cause i have work wid ircop
(20:40:07) <&Scarecrow> If you are lucky, George-Away might be here
(20:40:24) <&Scarecrow> Otherwise I'm afraid there's no IRCOp around currently
(20:40:46) <RoCkStAr> its ok
(20:40:47) <RoCkStAr> :D
(20:40:52) <RoCkStAr> All Cops are my friend
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I'm a little on the chunky side.... I had a really drunk person come up to me in the local saloon, AKA meat market one time, and she said "Wow - You must have a really impressive di*k" I asked her why, and her reply was "Well, lookit the awning you built over it!"
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<%Chr|s> omg look what JaCkEL did to our door
<Engelchen> loooool
<Engelchen> JaCkEL grrrrr
<JaCkEL> hey i have pics you did that
<%Chr|s> lol lies
<%Chr|s> oh well least now no-one else can come through
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