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<p0kem0n> any girls like the smell of catfish bait PV me please
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<Peter-pan> brb - The FBI just called, I'm wanted for a special mission.
* Peter-pan (am@ABABA2.AA8EE8.08911F.22C552) has left #ophelp
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I'm a little on the chunky side.... I had a really drunk person come up to me in the local saloon, AKA meat market one time, and she said "Wow - You must have a really impressive di*k" I asked her why, and her reply was "Well, lookit the awning you built over it!"
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Kevin147 [Kevin@41EC3952.65470C5A.621CA0C3.IP] has quit IRC: Quit: IRC is just multiplayer notepad
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"Fuzara-Tenshou Guest22, do you need help?
Fuzara-Tenshou or do you enjoy making ops your play things?
Prince Hello Guest22
Prince may we help you Guest22 :) ?
  *** Lyra joined #ophelp
   +++ ChanServ has given voice to Lyra
Guest22 Fuzara-Tenshou:  ircops are my play things :)
Fuzara-Tenshou thats nice
Fuzara-Tenshou im sure they enjoy it
   *** Guest22 was kicked by libra-away (/me plays with you then)
   !!! You have been kicked from #ophelp
   *** Guest22 joined #ophelp
    Please state your problem. No answer? Type the nick of an Ophelper. |
    Topic set by Stranaway on Sun Apr 26 18:50:11 UTC+0100 2009
ChanServ Please do not use this room to idle or socialize in order to give people a fair chance to help and be helped. Once you have received the required help, please part the channel. We ask for your understanding. Please provide us with correct and full information so we can help you properly. Thanks :)
Fuzara-Tenshou ^5 libra
knightrider rofl libra-away
Fuzara-Tenshou lol
   +++ Watchdog set the channel to mode +l 20
Guest22 :x
libra-away :D
libra-away sorry couldn't resist
knightrider hugs hun
   *** Guest22 was kicked by Immortal (/me plays with you again)
  !!! You have been kicked from #ophelp"
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[19:46:39] <AssCash> im 19 from fort worth, texas and selling my virginity for cash because of desperation not for solicitation so do not judge me. Im looking for matures who want a virgin ass for the right amount so pvt me
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<hardman> my brother won't let my nephews watch the symphony on pbs cause its too much sax and violyns
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AngelEyes00  has Quit  [Dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!!]
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My^Nick (Quit: I am quitting, no I'm not, wait, oh damm too late)
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<Uncommn^Arizgal> no, I will go to a higher source, since AOL owns IRC, and you ppl are in violation of IRC Rules which read: YOU WILL NOT: (1) harass, threaten, abuse, defame, embarrass or cause distress or discomfort upon another IrCQ-Net participant; (2) transmit via IrCQ-Net any and terms of expression...that are offensive, racial, discriminating, unlawful...threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, :o
<+forgotten> aol doesn't own it btw ;)
<+Leah> lol
<Uncommn^Arizgal> yes, they do, I've already talked to AOL about this discrimination, forgotten
<Kina> oh sheesh
<+forgotten> lol really? keep talking to them then :) lemme know how it goes
<+Leah> :
<+StepH> u do that Uncommn^Arizgal
<Uncommn^Arizgal> this is clearly discrimination against me, as a Christian conservative American
<Jaberwoky> Uncommn^Arizgal - LMFAO you have too much time on your little fingers - thtas scripted (or pre-written)
<+StepH> have a nice day
* ChanServ sets mode: +o StepH
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