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Mirc and a VPS Proxy using Netcat
Hi IRC nerds

I was fooling around with netcat and found a cool way to make a Proxy using a VPS.

Naturally Mirc itself has a Proxy option already using Http and Socks but this could be interesting for people.

So we have Mirc on a Windows System and a Linux VPS.

I made this connection completely automated and will describe the way it works.

The VPS has IP of say for a hypothetical example.

So in Mirc Remotes you put,


server -m
/run C:\server.bat


Now as you can see we have port 5555 not 6667 etc. this is for the netcat listener. The server.bat file is the automated file which starts the netcat listener on the VPS using ssh.

So lets start with the VPS and the netcat listener.

Ssh to your vps and login to root.

make sure you are in root@vps:/home/user

Now type

mknod pipe p

this creates a pipe

Then type


Enter this into your .sh file


nc -l -p 5555 0<pipe | tee -a in.dump | nc 6667 | tee -a out.dump 1>pipe

Save file

To run the file type


So that creates a pipe that connects the netcat listener on port 5555 and the IRC server.

So when you START mirc it will connect to your VPS on 5555 which pipes to the IRC server.

It is just simple Socket connections.

To automate this is a little trickier which is the server.bat file

You will need to first install PuTTy in C:\putty.exe

This is how you ssh to your VPS and run the script automatically.

Open notepad and type

START putty.exe -ssh user@ ^-pw password ^-m chat.txt

save as server.bat in C:\server.bat

the ^ is to escape the -pw and -m commands

the chat.txt file gets executed which executes the script on your VPS

In notepad in a new file type


save as chat.txt in C:\chat.txt

the password is your root password on your VPS

If everything works you will run Mirc.exe and it will open a server to
run the server.bat which ssh's to your VPS and runs the script
and Mirc will connect to your VPS and to IRC automatically.


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