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mIRC (Version: 7.43)
As the forums continue to build, I wanted to take a moment to get the critical information about the mIRC client listed for everyone.

The current version of mIRC is 7.43 & can be downloaded by visiting the mIRC website. To open the website; click here.

Along with downloading the mIRC client; you may want to check out the forums that are provided. There you will find some important information about the client, and learn what others think about using it.

Remember, mIRC is FREE for the first 30 days. You're asked to register the client after to ensure future releases continue. The fee is $20.00 and it's a one-time; forever fee. You'll never need to register your client again & you will not have the registration reminder continue to pop-up. The forums are located by clicking here.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or would just like to learn more about the client; feel free to stop in #mIRC on LibraIRC - We'll be happy to assist you along the way!
Agree, good post indeed. I'll be happy to assist anyone who's in need for help on the channel #mIRC as well, I've been using mIRC for a long time. Good UI and I'd recommend most users to use it, since you'll be able to script anything you'd like to have on it.
Best Regards,
- King
Hello King
It's happy to read soemone  willing to help..
Can u help me with color and other fancy stuff of the scripting?
Kind regards
nice suggestion Keith,  as a long time MIRC  user (about 20 years) one thing to remember, when you register your script you receive a key code in your email
I strongly recommend you print this off  and store it in a place where you can find it again, computers have a limited life, so when you replace it with a new one or add a tablet to your collectio9n you can  re download  the Mirc  and use that  key code to keep yourself chatting.

earlier versions of mIRC you could fudge a way to bypass the 30 day limit, but the more recent ones have blocked this , and i do NOT recomend using an old version, too many bugs  and open to hackers these days
Hello mirc users,
I've a registered version since 20 years and I can show you a coupon site,
on which you can mirc register for only 10 $. It still works:

Manni Manati
Denn der Zahnarzt gar nicht faul,
baut dir fleissig in dei'm Maul,
ritzeratze mit viel Tücke
in die Lücke
eine Brücke.

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